• Mindfulness Coaching
  • Wellness and Life Coaching                         
  • Couples & Family Coaching

Coaching is very effective for clarifying and working towards goals. Coaching is great for individuals, couples, and families who wish to explore, identify, and strengthen vision, focus, mission, goals and increase overall well being with effective support and compassionate accountability. Coaching is available world-wide with Skype or Phone appointments.

Re Couples and Family coaching: Listed below are a few questions to ask whether coaching is a good match for your needs. If you answer yes to any, coaching may not be the best support to address  your needs right now. You may find more effective support on the Therapy page on this site.

  • Are there any untreated mental health issues involved?
  • Is there any untreated depression?
  • Is there an on-going affair?
  • Is there on-going physical abuse?
  • Are there addictions involved that are not being addressed?

Mindfulness Coaching

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” ― Viktor Frankl

Mindfulness allows one to grow “that space” between stimulus and unconscious response/reaction. We are bombarded everyday with stimuli and are living in constant reaction to that.

Mindfulness Coaching is a way of  supporting clients to learn to consciously and systematically work with stress, pain, illness, and the challenges and demands of everyday life by not turning away from them but learning how to be resilient with and through them.

Mindfulness is already within our human experience. A deep internal resource of attention, intention and attitude that is available to us. Mindfulness is patiently waiting to be used in the service of learning, growing and healing.

I support the development of Mindfulness skills in my clients to use towards the development of a more peace centered, joy filled conscious lives. With Mindfulness, personal and professional goals and life intentions are more easily clarified and assessed for alignment with personal values.

“Mindfulness is moment to moment, non-judgmental awareness.”  -Jon Kabat Zinn , Ph.D. (1990)

Wellness  and Life Coaching 

Below is a list of goals often sought in Wellness Coaching:

  • Exploring, Identifying, Clarifying  Wellness Goals         woman freedom success peace
  • Clarity re mission and vision for life
  • Stress Reduction
  • Life Stage Issues
  • Life Planning
  • Mindful living (Mindfulness practices established)
  • Practical Goals
  • Prioritization of Goals
  • Boundaries (Personal and Professional)
  • Support moving out of the “comfort zone”
  • Proactively identifying and confronting potential barriers to Wellness goals
  • Creating a culture of learning, curiosity, support
  • Once goals/results achieved, development of system for managing integration and continuity

Couples and Family Coaching          

Couples and Family Coaching can be very effective with couples and families seeking to clarify and work towards a mutual goal.

Couples Coaching 

East Bay Recovery Counseling  offers Couples Coaching for couples who are either struggling through challenges in their relationship, seeking to improve the quality of intimacy in their relationship, or just wanting to explore their relationship in a more conscious way.

Issues often addressed in Couples Coaching:

  • Exploring, Identifying, Clarifying  Goals for the Couple
  • Clarifying roles
  • Clarifying boundaries
  • Relationship Wellness Coaching             path couple
  • Infidelity Recovery
  • Intimacy Coaching
  • Codependency
  • Parenting Support
  • Work and School Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Mindful Partnering
  • Positive Partnering
  • Proactively identifying and confronting potential barriers to the Couple’s goals
  • Creating a culture of learning, curiosity, support, safety, healthy intimacy
  • Once goals/results achieved, development of system for managing integration and continuity

Couples Coaching primarily focuses on future goals very quickly and Couples Therapy spends more time in the past, resolving and healing, before moving to Couples Coaching support.

Family Coaching 

Issues often addressed in Family Coaching:

  • Exploring, Identifying, Clarifying  Goals for Family
  • Family Wellness
  • Mindful Parenting and Mindful Partneringwebsite hands children linked 1285834_20202460
  • Clarifying roles
  • Clarifying boundaries
  • Reduction in conflict and family stress
  • Exploring, Identifying, Clarifying, Strengthening healthy Parenting/Partnering styles and behaviors
  • Positive Parenting, Positive Partnering
  • Effective Communication
  • Proactively identifying and confronting potential barriers to Family goals/Couple’s goals
  • Creating a culture of learning, curiosity, support, healthy intimacy
  • Once goals/results achieved, development of system for managing integration and continuity.

Whatever your coaching needs, Sabrina will work with you to identify and achieve goals towards a more conscious, healthy life for yourself, your partnership/marriage, and your family. You will be trained to proactively look for and manage barriers to those goals before they ever occur. You spend less time, energy, money managing crisis and stress, and you transition from surviving to thriving. Greater peace and conscious living are possible. Contact East Bay Recovery Counseling today.



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