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Sex Addicts Anonymous (S.A.A.)
(713) 869-4902
PO Box 70949
Houston, TX 77270
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An international 12 Step program which encourages participants to define their sexual sobriety through the boundaries of a “Sex Plan” which is evolved by working with other recovering members. Population is mixed, primarily men, bi-, homo-, and heterosexual with some female attendance.
SAA Online & Phone Meetings -NEW!
There are Online meetings (via computer), Phone meetings and Telemeetings. This website explains how to participate in each.
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (S.L.A.A.)
Fellowship-Wide Services
1550 NE Loop 410, Ste 118
San Antonio, TX 78209
Fax 210-828-7922
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Sobriety is self defined. Open to men and women, straight, gay and bisexual.
SLAA Online Meetings
Check out this site for SLAA online meetings
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (S.C.A.)
(212) 606-3778
P.O. Box 1585, Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10011
12 Step program found in major urban areas nationally. Participants define their sexual sobriety through the boundaries of a “Sex Plan” which is evolved by working with other recovering members.
Sexaholics Anonymous SA
P.O. Box 3565
Brentwood, TN 37024
Phone: (615) 370-6062
Toll-free: (866) 424-8777
Fax: (615) 370-0882

Sobriety= No sex outside of legal marriage relationship. Lust is the addiction. No sex with ones-self.

Sexual Recovery Anonymous SRA
P.O. Box 1296
Redondo Beach, CA, 90278

Sobriety= No Sex Outside of Mutually-Committed Relationship, which includes freedom from masturbation.

S-Anon International Family Groups
P.O. Box 111242
Nashville, TN 37222-1242
(615) 833-3152
Co-Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, (CO-S.L.A.A.)
A 12 step program of recovery for family, friends, and significant others whose lives have been affected by a sex and love addict. Not open to sex and love addicts.
COSA National Service Organization
Post Office Box 14537
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Groups for partners and family members. Codependents of Sex Addicts (C.O.S.A.)
Recovering Couples Anonymous (R.C.A.)
World Service Organization of RCA
P. O. Box 11029
Oakland, CA 94611
HIV Anonymous; great website and online meetings and more for people with HIV.
12 Step program which helps partners who are addicts or co-addicts work on issues of commitment, intimacy and mutual recovery, with a focus on improving the significant other bonds. All couples, married, non-married, homosexual or heterosexual are welcome.

Relationship Counseling, Therapy, Personal Growth & Wellness